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Pharmacy Price Comparisons

Nowadays, prices on both prescription and over-the-counter medications, such as antibiotics and ED meds, vary considerably based on different factors, and the main reason why they are so expensive in traditional pharmacies is their patent protection. For example, the good news is that the prices on ED pills are going to fall after the expiration of Viagra patent in the US in a few years. Besides, a particular location has a great effect on pharmacy prices, and online offers tend to be much cheaper compared to the ones set by offline drugstores. Online pharmacies can set lower prices as they sell this medication in higher volumes compared to traditional vendors.

Degree of Price Variations

To give readers a better idea of a degree of variation when it comes to Viagra prices, buying 100 pills costs $380-$450 in such popular stores as Walgreens, Walmart and CVS. Surprisingly, the cost of buying such ED meds as Viagra over the Internet may cost $10.

Changes in Prices in the US

The US is a major concern when shopping for affordable prices, and the main reason is the patent. Basically, prices set by pharmacies are closely connected to what customers are ready to pay than the costs of drug manufacturing, and that’s why Viagra and other ED pills tend to cost higher in developed countries, such as the US. For example, the price of Viagra per pill in US drug stores and pharmacies vary from $25 to $35.

Does the volume of ED pills affect their prices?

The number of ED pills sold to buyers has a big impact on their prices, and that’s why bulk discounts are larger in online pharmacies compared to the standard ones. The main reason is that their distribution agreements with manufacturers allow them to keep minimal prices.

Does the dosage of ED pills affect their prices?

In many other countries this factor has just some moderate impact on Viagra prices, but everything is different in the US, where prices are determined by how much people are willing to pay. Most US consumers prefer to save their money by ordering 100 mg pills because Viagra 100 mg price is more affordable than buying 50 mg doses. They cut their ordered pills in half to double supplies and end up with extra savings.

Prices of Well-Known Offline Sellers

Buying ED meds from offline vendors can be comfortable in terms of their geographical proximity, but this comfort turns out to be expensive at the end. For instance, Viagra 100 mg price set by the following vendors varies considerably. How much does Viagra cost at Walgreens? Its price is $411, while Walmart Viagra price is $386. How much is Viagra at CVS? Its price is about $446.

Online vs. Offline Costs

Although online pharmacies can’t provide their customers with a possibility to choose medications at their convenience, they offer a great chance to save money. These days there are many credible and well-established vendors that offer ED pills, antibiotics, antidepressants and many other canadian meds. To ensure that you’re dealing with reputable online vendors, it’s necessary to research unbiased reviews and safety deals on their official websites. Another effective tip is to give free samples and packs a try before ordering them in bulk to determine the one that works best for you. Unlike traditional drugstores, online pharmacies are willing to provide consumers with incredible discounts, such as paying only about $0.8 for one Viagra pill.

Current Viagra Prices Compared to Levitra and Cialis

In general, the prices of 10 Viagra doses vary from $386 to $522. When it comes to Cialis, its positive effects last up to 36 hours, and that’s why many consumers choose it as their weekend pill, and 10 doses of Cialis 20 mg cost from $423 to $520. The effects of Levitra, another popular ED medication, last 4-5 hours and 10 doses of its 20 mg cost $366-$540. As an example, prices start with $2.9 for the lowest volume and end with $0.8 at the highest volume paid for a single dosage.

How Can People Save Money when Buying ED Meds?

When people decide to get Viagra or other ED pills via their doctors and insurance, it becomes possible to buy this medication by using their special health savings or tax-advanced flexible spending accounts, but it’s advisable to discuss expected savings with experienced accountants. Sometimes, it’s still possible to get ED meds covered by health insurance. If you prefer to order these pills on the Internet on a regular basis, and you don’t think that you save enough money on this kind of purchase, you should look for alternative providers.

Pharmacy Prices on Generic Medications

There are many meds that can be found both in online and offline pharmacies, so patients should get more information about pharmacy prices before placing their order. For example, blood thinners (Plavix), pills for high cholesterol (Lipitor), asthma medications (Singulair), antidepressants (Lexapro), diabetes pills (Actos) and others are all sold at different prices in such well-known chains as Walmart, Costco, Walgreens and CVS.

When it comes to generic meds, Costco seems to have lower pharmacy prices for each category of generic drugs, and the best thing is that consumers don’t have to join the club to get them. However, prices in online pharmacies are still more affordable compared to such offers. Such chain stores as CVS tend to have the highest prices on different medications according to surveys and comparisons. As an example, a monthly supply of popular diabetes pills (30 mg doses) will cost around $100 at Costco compared to $295 at CVS and $160 at Walmart. Prices in other pharmacies, both online and offline, tend to range from $40 to almost $400, but the most reasonable prices are set by online portals.

At Costco, a monthly supply of asthma medications (standard 10 mg doses) costs around $27, compared to $165 at CVS and $57 at Walmart. Pharmacy prices in other traditional and online pharmacies range from as low as $10 to almost $200, while online drugstores usually offer their meds at about $29. Besides, locations also affect pharmacy prices, so urban drugstores tend to have higher prices compared to the rural ones. For example, an urban pharmacy in one state can charge about $200 for a supply of antidepressants, while its rural counterpart can charge only $40 for the same supply.

Pharmacy Prices on Popular Anticoagulants

Anticoagulants are prescribed and taken to prevent and treat clots in arteries, veins, heart and lungs. This means that many patients order them on a regular basis, so they need a way to save. Prices of such meds may vary considerably from one drugstore to another. For example, they start from as low as only $4 at Walmart, but the same supply can be bought for $10 at Walgreens and almost $15 as CVS.

Prices on Antidepressants in Pharmacies

They are often taken by patients to treat different mood problems, including panic attacks, depression, anxiety and others. These medications work by improving mood and increasing serotonin amount in their brain. Pharmacy prices on these meds also vary greatly, and they start from $4 at Walmart, but such popular drugstores as CVS and Walgreens offer them at $11 and $5 respectively. Patients should shop online to find the best offer if the above-mentioned offers don’t suit their budgets.

Prices Set by Pharmacies of Pain Meds

Pain killers are affordable medications taken by people to treat and prevent pain, and they are available in both brand and generic versions. These pills work by blocking pain signals sent to nerves, and their prices also vary from one pharmacy to another, so that they should be compared. At Walmart pain meds can be bought at $63, while patients have to pay $112 for them at Walgreens. That’s why most consumers prefer ordering the necessary pain killers over the Internet and end up with savings.

Effective Money-Saving Methods

To keep the pharmacy costs on popular prescription and over-the-counter medications down, there are certain strategies that can be used:

  • Go generic if you can, because such meds tend to be less expensive compared to brand-name pills.
  • Go online, as online pharmacies usually set lower prices because they don’t have to cover running and other expenses, unlike traditional drugstores.
  • Request lower pharmacy prices by making comparisons of different drugstores and their offers.
  • Visit smaller towns if you need expensive meds because urban areas are normally more expensive than the rural ones.
  • Ask for 90-day supplies instead of 30-day refills because you’re more likely to save money and get special discounts when buying in bulk.
  • Think about paying only retail pharmacy prices because drugstore websites usually charge less than the pharmacies that co-pay of insurance companies.
  • Check additional discounts because many chain and online pharmacies offer special discount programs, especially if you’re their regular customer. For instance, Walmart charges less than $5 for a supply of some popular medications, such as pain meds.

There are different ways to save money on the necessary medications, and the clearest and most effective one is to buy them online. You can get different pills from reliable online pharmacies at a fraction of the above-mentioned prices set by traditional stores. It’s advisable to shop around and check available pharmacies to determine the one that works best for your health needs. Most consumers choose those online vendors that offer not only affordable pharmacy prices, but also provide them with additional discounts, free samples and trial packs.

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