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Popular and Effective Anti-Anxiety Drugs

In the contemporary world people are often subjected to unhealthy emotional or psychological states which affect their life badly. The most widespread disorders are anxiety, insomnia, panic, etc. To avoid serious psychosomatic diseases, which may appear as a result of such conditions, and normalize psycho of patients, benzodiazepines have been manufactured since 1960s.

Principle of Action

Benzodeazepines are a big group of medicines which act by improving performance of gamma-aminobutyric acid, thus, releasing neurons interconnection and providing a relaxation effect. Although all the benzodiazepines have the same mechanism of action, their efficacy, duration of effect and receptor site affinities are different. These features define what medicine from the class will be chosen by your physician for treatment. These drugs are available under various names, both brand and generic. Here are some reviews by patients on the most popular of them.


“I was absolutely unsettled when my doctor prescribed Xanax. My diagnose is anxiety disorder, and I had to take 0.4 mg of it three times a day, which is medium dose as far as I know (the smallest one is 0.25 three times a day, and the biggest possible is 4 mg a day all together). First, I thought it wouldn’t be effective as my cousin who is experiencing panic disorder got the same medicine prescribed, however, his dose was about 7 mg a day. In spite of my hesitations, I was able to feel the effect nearly at once when I take a pill, although it didn’t last too long. My condition appreciably improved since I began taking Xanax. It also had an effect similar to the one of antidepressants on me, and I was a bit lightheaded from time to time.”

Beth, 43


“When I was fired and had to start climbing the career ladder from the very beginning I almost lost the ability to feel asleep at night and round the clock. My physician diagnosed insomnia accompanied by anxiety syndrome. The choice was Valium, because this drug is helpful in both conditions. I began with 10 mg a day separated into 4 admissions. It also worked as muscle relaxants for me, apart from being brilliant sleeping pills. It worked for a long period of time and I was absolutely satisfied with the long-lasting effect. However, the term of treatment with the drug was limited to avoid addiction.”

Cliff, 36


“I have been taking Klonopin since I got panic disorder. I haven’t heard it is prescribed to patients with chronic anxiety condition, but it’s pleaded to help in case of seizures. My prescription was 1 mg of the drug a day. It’s much lower than for other benzodiazepines I used to take, although the maximum dose is the same as for Xanax. Dizziness and fatigue were my side effects, but it was worth to endure, as panic disappeared for quite long periods of time.”

Angela, 47

It’s well-known that, despite having some differences, all the benzodiazepines are equally effective as anti-anxiety drugs. However, treatment is to be controlled by a doctor and limited in time and doses as a habit-making risk is present. You are also to pay attention to special indications when choosing the medicine.

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