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pillsA basic method of the prevention and treatment of the inflammatory processes is a correct administration of the antibacterial drugs. The modern use of the antibiotics will help to decrease the probability of the complications during pyo-inflammatory processes.

Antibiotics are a group of the medical products which kill a pathogenic microflora and can be used during the treatment of most infectious diseases. They are not active only during viral and fungal infections the originators of which are not sensitive to the action of the antibiotics.

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The antibiotics can be used without having the results of the microbiological tests. The antibiotics of the broad spectrum action are used which act as to different morbific microorganisms.

Before buying an antibiotic, it is necessary to read about its antibacterial characteristics and know the mechanism of the action. Some bacteria are not sensitive to certain type of the antibiotics because they quickly produce a resistance. Due to this, a medicine should be changed and recommendations for the use should be followed.

The most popular and effective antibiotics on the modern market are: Amoxicillin, Zithromax, Cipro, Keflex, and Augmentin. These and many other drugs can be bought in the online pharmacy without prescription. Every medicine has an instruction for the use and a description of its pharmacological characteristics.

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